By Laws

By Laws of Paxton Creek Watershed and Education Association, Inc. (PCWEA)


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Introductory Articles I and II (Only):

Article I
Name and Office

Section 1.  Name.  The name of this organization shall be Paxton Creek Watershed and Education Association, Inc. (hereafter referred to as PCWEA), incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Section 2.  Office. The principal office of the corporation is located in Dauphin County, in the State of Pennsylvania, at P.O. Box 61674, Harrisburg, PA 17106 or as arranged by the Board of Directors.


Article II
Non-Profit Purposes and Objectives

Section 1.  IRC Section 501(c)(3).  Purposes. This corporation is organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 2.  Specific Purposes and Objectives.  The specific purposes of this corporation shall be to:
(a)  Protect and enhance the resources of Paxton Creek watershed and its environs for current and future generations;  (b)  Build community consensus through stake holder participation in solving watershed problems such as flooding, sedimentation, sprawl and other watershed issues;  (3)  Facilitate environmental, hands-on education through a watershed context in order to achieve these purposes, the objectives will be to:  (1)  Design, advocate and implement policies and projects for the restoration, enhancement and protection of the natural and cultural resources of the Paxton Creek watershed and its environs;  (2)  Facilitate studies, educational activities and promote relevant research and publications;  (3)  Consult and work with persons, businesses, local/state/federal governments and other interested agencies and organizations, as appropriate;  (4)  Execute practices such as conservation easements and similar management practices for watershed enhancement and protection; to encourage similar efforts by other organizations, businesses, individuals, agencies and public officials.

    Complete Set of By Laws - Open PDF