Hots Spots Tour Driving Directions

1. Patton Road begins a few hundred yards east (towards Linglestown) from the intersection of Route 39 with Colonial Road, and leads back  towards the mountain (Start, mile point 0.0) (Set odometer counter reading to 0.0 miles, at the Blue Hen Ct. intersection near the end of Patton Road, at the base of Blue Mountain in Lower Paxton Township.  During the tour odometer readings may vary among vehicles.

2. Goose Valley Road (Go back along Patton Road for a mile, and turn left onto Route 39. Travel east for 0.8 mile; turn right onto Colonial Club Road. After 0.5 mile make a right turn onto Goose Valley Road (Drive, mile points 1.9-3.9), where the items can be observed).

3. Colonial Golf Club (Drive, pausing at mile point 2.5) 

4. Winchester Park Retention Pond (Drive, pausing at mile point 2.8) 

5. Wooded Floodplain (Drive, pausing at mile point 3.2) 

6. The Brook Apartments (Turn left onto Colonial Road at mile point 3.9, and go 1.5 miles to a stoplight for the mall and apartments. Turn right into the apartments complex, and go around to the management office parking area via North Arlington and Williamsburg Streets; follow the office directional signs for the management office to the parking area)(Stop, mile point 5.9)

7. Colonial Park Mall (Return along the same route to the apartment complex stoplight, and drive straight across into the mall area, and into the left lot for a brief stop) (Stop, mile point 6.5) 

8. McIntosh Road Farm (Upon leaving the mall, turn right onto Colonial  Road. Travel approximately 1.8 mile, and turn left onto McIntosh Road at mile point 8.3; the destination is at mile point 8.7, a creek crossing at a small bridge-culvert in the road dip; a white fence and barn will be observed on the left as the site is approached)

9. Brandywine Village Detention Basin (Continue on along McIntosh Road to its end. Turn left onto Crums Mill Road, go 0.2 mile, and turn right onto Paxton Church Road. Continue on Paxton Church Road, crossing Progress Avenue; at approximately 100 yards on the left past a shopping center is the entrance/exit to a residential development) (Drive, Stop, mile point 10.2)

10. Paxton Church Road (Continue on along Paxton Church Road; around a big curve, past Shutt Mill Road at mile 11.3, and continue slowly on Paxton Church Road. (Drive, pausing at mile point 11.4)

11. Parking Lot Detention Basin (Continue along Paxton Church Road to its end, and turn left onto Crooked Hill Road. Go past Harrisburg post office on the left, and proceed to Elmerton Avenue. Turn left onto Elmerton Avenue at the traffic light , and continue on, pausing at mile point 12.7) 

12. State Farm Road Curve Vicinity (Continue on Elmerton Avenue past the community gardens, and turn right onto State Farm Road; go 0.3 mile downhill to a small parking area on the left at the creek. Caution Potentially dangerous parking — exercise care!) (Stop, mile point 13.5)
13. Wildwood Lake Sanctuary  (Return and turn left onto Elmerton Avenue, and proceed straight, crossing Cameron Street, and onto Industrial Road. Go past the Farm Show and HACC, until immediately past the I-81 overpass at mile point 16.3, turn right into Wildwood Way leading into Wildwood Lake Sanctuary; park in the lot by Olewine Nature Center, and walk along the bike path N. to bridge, where the main stem of Paxton Creek enters the park) (Stop, mile point 16.7)

14. Wetlands Strip (Return back along the same route along Industrial Road towards Cameron Street) (Drive, pausing at mile point 18.6, area is on the right.) 

15. Paxton Creek Corridor Parallel to Cameron Street: (Continue on same route to the traffic light on Cameron Street at mile point 18.7, and turn right) (Drive, mile point 18.7 to 20.2)

16. Mulberry Street High Bridge (Continue on Cameron Street, at mile point 20.8 turn right into the right lane beside Mulberry Street high bridge, and go around and park by the creek facing east underneath the bridge, taking care not to block traffic)(Stop, mile point 20.9)

17. Capital Area Greenbelt Crossing (Turn right onto Cameron Street, and travel 1.3 miles to Ames True Temper parking lot on the right  (Caution: a narrow entrance exists just past the abandoned Robbins Door and Sash building, followed by a copse of trees and a billboard which immediately precede the entrance) (Stop, Tour Finish, mile point 22.2) (Caution: dangerous traffic situation exists when leaving the lot onto Cameron Street; a safer exit from the lot is located further to the S. in the parking area)