Rivers Conservation Plan

To develop a strategy for the enhancement of the Paxton Creek Watershed, PCWEA spent three years and solicited the assistance of numerous environmental professionals to prepare a Rivers Conservation Plan. This Plan outlines the history of Paxton Creek, water usage, and activities that have degraded the Creek and the watershed that drains into Paxton Creek and its tributaries. It summarizes the results of stakeholder meetings and recommends solutions and strategies to rehabilitate the Paxton Creek Watershed. Importantly, the Plan recognizes the need for numerous different stakeholders to collaborate and cooperate in the effort to enhance the Watershed.

The Plan addresses the protection and rehabilitation of resources including water quality and floodplains, and the enhancement of others such as education and recreation. The Plan itself has been designed to be easy to read and understand. Sections of the Plan can be read on this website or opened and saved as a series of PDF files. Organization of Plan files is as follows:

  Table of Contents:

    Inside Cover
    Table of Contents
    Letter to the Reader
    Executive Summary
1. Paxton Creek-Watershed of Promise
2. Making the RCP for Paxton Creek
3. Watershed Basics 101
4. The Baseline: Portraits of the Watershed
    Table 4
5. Goals, Objectives and Strategies
6. Projects to Fix, Enhance, and Protect
    Table 6
7. RCP Schedule and Costs
8. Implementation and Management
    Table 8
9. References
    Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms
    Memorandum of Understanding and Lists of Figures, Tables, Attachments, Appendix

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